Pretty Spring Outfits Ideas For Women34
Pretty Spring Outfits Ideas For Women34

30+ Pretty Spring Outfits Ideas For Women

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Spring cleaning is upon us, and that goes for your closet too. As the cold winter weather begins to wane, you tend to find yourself longing for bright new spring colors. It is time to head into your closet to get rid of those garments that you do not wear anymore. Instead, there are great new colors out there for spring that you can enjoy getting out and purchasing some new clothes.

This spring, the colors are bright, bold, and infused with life. There seems to be a citrus theme going on in the stores right now, and it is fun and light. Due to the economy, there are also great Coupons out there to help you afford to jazz up your wardrobe. So, what colors do you want to look for this spring?

Serene Blues

Not everything in the spring color line is bright and bold. There are some choices for those who prefer to be a little more serene and soft in their wardrobe choices. Blue is making a very big statement this spring, but it is softer more wearable blue than the stark navy of the winter months. Palace blue or periwinkle is actually a favorite of designers today, and it is a blue that rests between a light sky blue and that standard navy. The great thing about this blue is that it will coordinate with almost any color or any skin tone.

Red Hot

Red is a classic shade, but it is bold and saucy in any wardrobe. If you need to have a bit of sexiness thrown into your wardrobe this spring then you might want to incorporate the gorgeous fuchsia red that has made its way into the marketplace. This red has a deep purplish/pink undertone to it, and it will provide your outfit with a pop of seduction. You may even want to think about using this color as a lip or nail color to tie your look together.

Going Green

Everyone is “going green,” and the fashion world is no different. Greens are very in vogue this spring, and the spectrum of that green is very large. If you are looking for a great neutral piece this spring, you might want to stray from the old standbys of khaki or black and look into perhaps a dark citron green. This deep olive green will coordinate with many of the seasons hot colors seamlessly. However, green is not just for neutrals. You can also look at a bright green that will catch people’s attention. If that’s what you are looking for look for a bright moss green to compliment your skin.

Make Lemonade

Yellow is big this spring. It is a bright and happy color that is everywhere. Find the right shade of yellow for you. If you feel like you need to put a smile on everyone’s face then look for a bright lemon yellow top that will remind him or her of sunshine. Or if that is a little too bold for you then look for a softer butter yellow that enhances your skin tone. Do not forget that you can also choose a patterned piece where yellow is one of the more central colors in case you are not as comfortable with wearing bright and bold colors.