Affordable Maxi Wedding Dress Ideas For Guest37
Affordable Maxi Wedding Dress Ideas For Guest37

30+ Affordable Maxi Wedding Dress Ideas For Guest

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The summer season is upon us, and for many, wedding invitations have landed on the doormat, and the panic has started: ‘what shall I wear?’

Most women, at least those who have reached 30, will have found themselves in this predicament. Choosing an outfit for a wedding can be a nightmare. Indeed, the author of this article has re-dressed her friends on several occasions before an important wedding. For some reason, wedding wear is something that many people fail to pull off with any success. However, one style of dress is always suitable for the summer wedding, and that is the maxi dress.

Maxi dresses are amongst the most flattering of styles, figure hugging and elegant, they are perfect to wear as a wedding guest – but be careful NEVER to upstage the bride! (- a problem that can easily arise with a maxi dress).

As a style, these has various different cuts and designs, although most are flowing and skim the bust, waist, and tummy, beautifully. A maxi dress is always long; it is the opposite of a mini dressing this respect.

When choosing this as a wedding dress, there are a few considerations to bear in mind. Follow our advice and you will not go wrong.

1. Always think about the kind of shoes you will be wearing with the dress. With a maxi dress, heels tend to be the footwear of choice. Considering there may be a lot of standing around at a wedding, think about whether you can realistically do this in heels. If you are not used to heels, you will probably find that your feet will ache by the end of the day. If you really want to wear a maxi dress and are not used to heels, then opt for a wedge as these will be easier on your feet and will look great too – particularly in summer.

2. Accessorise the outfit. Maxi dresses tend to be rather plain, and so need plenty of accessories. Unless you opt for a bold pattern and bright colours, you will want to add colour and a focal point to your outfit by adding chunky jewellery, but of course, the best way of accessorising your wedding guest outfit is to add a funky hat.

3. If you are short or overly skinny, then you should always choose a dress in a block colour or with a small print when opting for a patterned dress. Conversely, if tall or overweight opt for a larger print (avoiding horizontal lines if overweight).

4. To pull off an elegant look, choose a block colour that suits your colouring. Remember at a summer wedding that it is better to wear bright colours – darker colours carry a morbid sort of air at a wedding.