Wonderful Leather Dress Design Ideas That Inspire You49
Wonderful Leather Dress Design Ideas That Inspire You49

30+ Wonderful Leather Dress Design Ideas That Inspire You

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If you are looking for a way to add some new sex appeal to your wardrobe, you can easily do so using the leather dress. Leather dresses are not just those dresses that women wore during the 1980’s when everything was rock and roll. In fact, look closely at any of the red carpet events this season and you are sure to find a few very trendy, and very not 1980’s leather dresses. This season, dress up your nightlife by choosing a few great pieces of leather to add to the collection.

How To Wear Leather

Before you head out and buy a designer leather dress, take into consideration what this dress should offer. The dresses are very modern, and thus, the quality needs to be good. There are many celebs who wear faux leather in support of animal rights. Those options are just fine right now. However, there are a few fashion tips to keep in mind as you work towards choosing the right dress for your next event.

  • Choose dresses that are more fitted rather than loose. Leather looks great when it is hugging your hips and your legs.
  • Do go with color especially this spring. You will notice some great colored dresses on the market. Choose a sky blue color for something you can wear during the day. Designer leather dresses may even offer a few pattern options to select from.
  • Next, consider the event. When choosing a dress to wear, do focus on specific dress trends that work. For example, if you want to impress at the office, go with a tan leather dress that’s short and use black leggings under it.
  • Long sleeves on these dresses are a good option for early spring, but go for the sleeveless dress for a sexy night out on the town.
  • Black is still the biggest color trend in leather dresses. It is still the best choice for a night out on the town, too.

Know that you have plenty of fantastic style options available to you in these leather dresses. Look for an option that focuses specifically on the fit of your body. You could choose one that is more alluring, perhaps with a turtleneck style top and sleeveless arms. If you want something that is less sexy and cuter, choose a less-tight fitting option in a softer color.

You will find a number of top designers are now offering these leather dresses. Take note, though, you do not want to pull out the leather from the back of your closet. This leather is softer, thinner and less patterned. Put away that leather short mini and look for something trendier in today’s styles. If you are not willing to choose an all leather look, pair a leather skirt with a patterned top. You can also wear a great pear of leather shows and put a handbag at your side to get more leather into your look. For those sexy nights out this summer, do go with a designer leather dress!