Cool Nail Acrylic Designs Ideas To Wear This Summer42
Cool Nail Acrylic Designs Ideas To Wear This Summer42

30+ Cool Nail Acrylic Designs Ideas To Wear This Summer

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Every girl out there wants to look perfect in all ways. They want their makeup to be perfect, liner on-spot, contouring perfect, silky smooth hair, best dress and of course jewelry, bag and shoes that go with it. With everything looking perfect, they can’t let their nails look odd. Yes, the nails need to be perfectly trimmed, shaped and painted. Acrylic nails are now new in fashion. They are awesome and leave a beautiful and lasting effect on nails.

Cleaning Nails. If there is some old nail polish then it needs to be removed with a cotton pad and nail polish remover.

Preparation Phase. Using the flat surface of the cuticle stick, gently push the cuticles back. If any of it is left it can be removed with the help of another sharp end. In this way, the acrylic paint does not lift from the cuticle side. Nails are to be filed according to the desired length. The nail plate is filed with the nail file which not only dehydrates the nail so acrylic paint stays for a long time, but it will adhere to the nail better as well. To remove any excess dirt, a dusting brush is used.

Dehydrating Nails. All of the material comes with the acrylic nail kit one buys. Use a nail dehydrator and apply a smooth and thin layer on the nail plate. It will only take a few seconds to dry out completely. Those who are using an artificial nail tip should apply it before the dehydrator. Although the dehydrator is only to be applied on the plate, not on the tip.

Primer Application. Normally some acrylic liquids have primer in them. If so, then there is no need to apply the primer. For the primer as well, just apply a smooth layer on the natural nail not on the artificial tip. Primer helps in adhering the manicure to the natural nail. While using UV light, it needs only 2 minutes to dry out.

Acrylic Preparation. Monomer, which is the acrylic liquid needs to be put in a container. It is easy to dip the brush in the container. The tubes of acrylic polymer or the powder are to be set. A clear and a pink one is to be used. White tips also look good so a white one can also be used.

Acrylic Application. Dip the brush in the container and wipe it to remove excess liquid. Just after this dip it in the desired powder for 3 times. The scraping motion will help the powder get on the brush easily. It should be just perfect, neither too liquid nor too powdery. After this, a towel is used to remove the remaining excess moisture.

Application in Zone 1. The girls who have white tips need to use clear powder at this step. While those who don’t have white tips, they can use white powder for the desired tip color. After this, the bead needs to be put in the middle so it sets for a few seconds. In the following step, spread it all over the tip. Wipe the brush after the desired results have been achieved.

Application in Zone 2. It is just similar to the previous step. Just follow the same rule of applying the bead just below the smile line. Using the tip of the brush, spread bead of paint in a thin layer down the white tip.

Application in Zone 3. This is where the pink powder will be used. After making the bead of paint, just place it near to the cuticle. In a similar way, use the tip of the brush to pad the bead on each side of the nail. Make sure it has spread out evenly and it is not applied to the skin. Finally, apply a thin layer of the clear acrylic.

Filing Acrylic Nails. The first step is to file the free edge of the nail to smooth out the sharp edges. In the second step, file the side walls and pay prior attention to the sides of tips. In the last step file the top of the nail.

Top Coat. It is important to remove the dust from the nails due to the filing. Applying top coat after dusting provides a neat and lustrous look. Nail varnish top coat can be applied for more shine and protection.