Chic Natural Makeup Ideas For Any Season To Try33
Chic Natural Makeup Ideas For Any Season To Try33

20+ Chic Natural Makeup Ideas For Any Season To Try

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Every single woman who I’ve met had the frustrating experience of looking for a natural makeup, a look that they can use on a day by day basis. A makeup that is light but at the same time makes you naturally beautiful. Sometimes we are just too afraid or we believe that is too difficult to get that natural makeup look. Here I will help you to get exactly what you want and you will see how easy it is to get the natural but perfect look you are looking for.

Skin Care

Every perfect makeup either the advanced fashion or your everyday natural makeup, must have as its base a good skin care regimen. I’m not talking about washing your face with any soap. I’m talking about a simple, but important routine of using a cleaner, a scrub, a tonic and finally a good moisturizer; we need a good but simple maintenance skin care. Every skin is different, and it needs different skin care; thus, you should choose your personalized skin care regime based on the type of the skin and the age of the skin. It’s important to do this because you will give your skin the nutrients that it needs, and a well cared for skin will help itself to optimize the feel and look of our makeup enhancing its effects to your greatest potential.

Create the Canvas

The next simple secrets to getting a natural makeup is choosing the perfect foundation, and trust me, it is not rocket science. For oily skin you should use a liquid foundation, obviously oil free. Dry skin should use a foundation with a more creamy consistency. A sensitive skin should use a foundation specialized for that type of skin and the particular sensitivities faced. There are primers that can help you in many ways, from improving the life of your foundation to warming up dull skin. Finally, there are also concealers which will help you get that even tone of your skin that will give you the base for the natural makeup you want. Once you complete these steps you will have the perfect canvas to help you get the perfect look.

Natural Makeup Look

The last piece of the puzzle, to get that beautiful but natural makeup, is the color. The key here is to choose the color that will stress your features. For example, I don’t use blush, I instead prefer to use a good bronzer because it gives my skin, in one step, both color and natural shine. For eyes and lips choose tones that create harmony between them, and stress your natural beauty. Seal your natural makeup with a good powder to make coherence in colors. Look for mascaras that offer what you need to help your eyes look more alive. There are a number of brow kits that will create perfectly arched brows to define and highlight your eyes to perfectly frame your face. Finally for the lips, I recommend filling those up with a lip pencil and then use the lip color of your preference, these will make your lip color last. And that is it! You just got a natural makeup look.

Natural makeup is a subject that we can talk about for days. Is really not that hard, is actually fun because you get to know what looks really good on you, and get to experiment and try new ideas, colors and combinations to enhance the natural beauty in all of us. The idea is to find what to improve and how to do it. Don’t be afraid to enjoy this journey!