Gorgeous Floral Skirt And Dresses Ideas For Spring Outfit40
Gorgeous Floral Skirt And Dresses Ideas For Spring Outfit40

30+ Gorgeous Floral Skirt And Dresses Ideas For Spring Outfit

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It’s April on the East Coast of the United States and it seems that winter is clinging on. So while my thoughts are tending towards airy tops and shorts and party dresses with a lot of flair and flounce, I am still mired in the world of boots and fleece jackets and woolly hats and mittens.

But after all it really is Spring according to the calendar and I need to think about dressing for better days ahead. Already the runways are full of exotic prints, florals and geometrics in cotton and silk and the skirt lengths are all over the lot. I’ve seen everything from ankle length to barely legal. So while the pundits say that hem lines are indicative of the state of the economy, I don’t see it unless the variety is an indicator of uncertainty.

Some of the more interesting early announcements in the dresses for spring include the switch in denim to white and wide belts to raise the butt. That’s an improvement for most of us and I love the white with it’s promise of boardwalks, beaches, decks and BBQ’s. I like the use of sequins on short mini dresses by Isli. There’s a Tiffany Sequined little dress in cotton covered with them, very simple but elegant. That’s at Neiman Marcus. There’s an Elizabeth & James Penelope Silk dress in Cobalt blue with a peacock feathered printed overlay. That’s a take notice item – also at Neiman.

Then there’s a lovely 2008 Spring Pre-order at Nordstrom’s from Phillip Lim. Gorgeously summery look Cotton Cabana Dress with Tie. It’s in a mustard-toned floral print which slowly fades as it travels from a raised back yoke down the front of a whisper-light cotton dress. Straight-cut silhouette is pulled in at the waist. That’s one I want to get my hands on ASAP.

If you’re doing some high level business meetings and get togethers the Dolce & Gabbana line at Nordstrom has a lot to offer. Tres elegante and very superior look. You could do no better than taking a cross section of these offerings in dresses, suits, pants & tops and pants. Quite a stunning combination could be worked there.

How about another selection from Nordstrom, This time by Tory Burch in the white pants referred to earlier. This particular pair are labeled “Patsy” in white cotton/spandex. Good for the less formal do, I’d say.

It’s too early for me to be looking at swimwear. I just got back from Barbados and my beach stuff all needs replacing. But I’m just not in the mood for that yet. Next week perhaps. Hey. if you see something eye popping just call me and I’ll immediately change my mind!